croblox Reflecting Cubes Stable and maintenance free, reflecting cubes are ideal for 90º indexing or alignment in optical tooling or inspection. To order, specify the following informa tion: 1. The number and position of all finished sides, including the base: NOTE: for fixturing purposes during manufacturing, the bottom face must be one of the finished sides. The bottom face is etched with the Webber logo, a serial number, and face identifications as applicable. 2. Specify the manufacturing tolerances of the 90° angles, 1 second, 3 seconds, or other angular specification. 3. A certificate of calibration showing the deviation from 90° of the finished sides is available at extra cost. NOTE: Our uncertainty of measurement is estimated to be ±1.0 seconds. This uncertainty should be added to the manufacturing tolerance to give practical tolerance of the cube. 4. If requested, a copy of the material certificate from our supplier of chrome-carbide is available at no extra cost. croblox® Top Base 3 4 1 2 Example: CUBE 1.0 A 3SEC CUBE 1.0 = 1" Cube A = finished 6 sides 1SEC=orthogonalto3secondaccuracy. (No holes were specified in this example.) Cubes are made to order from semifinished blanks in six standard sizes: 0.50" (12.7mm), 0.75" (19.0mm), 0.95" (24.1mm), 1.00" (25.4mm), 1.50" (38.1mm), and 2.00" (50.8mm). Also available­is a .950" (24.1m) square with a 17/64" (6.7mm) countersunk center hole. Reflectivityoffinishedfacesisnominally: Visible Blue Light (= 4200 Â) ≈ 50% Visible Red Light (= 6900 Â) ≈ 60% Infrared (= 10.6 μm) > 80% We are unable to measure or certify reflectivity. If reflectivity testing is required,the user must arrange for testing through a third party. croblox® Reflecting Cube To Order Webber Optical Cubes Specify all 6 parts to the part number Prefix Size Face Code Hole Pattern Hole Type Accuracy CUBE .50 .75 1.0 1.5 2.0 A thru K (See Face Table) (blank) or 1 thru 4 (See Hole Pattern Chart) (blank) or S=Fine Thrd T=Coarse Thrd U=Thru Hole V=Thru Hole with C-Sink Y=C'Bore thru hole (See Hole Pattern Chart for available dimensions) 1 SEC* 3 SEC* 5 SEC 10 SEC *Not Available In 0.50" Size Face Code Table Face Code No. of Finished Faces Finished Faces A 6 ALL B 5 1-2-3-4-Base C 5 1-2-3-Top-Base D 4 1-2-3-Base E 4 1-3-Top-Base F 4 1-2-Top-Base G 3 1-3-Base H 3 1-2-Base J 3 1-Top-Base K 2 1-Base 402 S t arrett -W ebber G age B locks