Applica tion and Hardness Ranges for St arrett Hardness Impact Devices Technical Da t a for St arrett Hardness Impact Devices Hardness Testers Technical Data for Impact Devices D/DC/DL D+15 C G Impact Energy 11 Nmm 11 Nmm 3 Nmm 90 Nmm Mass of the Impact Body 5.5g 7.8g 3.0g 20g Test Tip Hardness 1600 HV 1600 HV 1600 HV 1600 HV DL: 7.3 g Diameter 3mm 3mm 3mm 5mm Material Tungsten carbide Tungsten carbide Tungsten carbide Tungsten carbide Impact Device Diameter 20mm 20mm 20mm 30mm Length 147/86mm 162mm 141mm 254mm Weight 75/50 g 80 g 75 g 250 g Max. Hardness of Sample 940 HV 940 HV 1000 HV 650 HB Preparation of Surface Roughness class ISO N7 N7 N5 N9 Max. roughness depth Rt 10µm 10µm 2.5µm 30µm Average roughness Ra 2µm 2µm 0.4µm 7µm Min. Weight of Sample Of compact shape 5kg 5kg 1.5kg 15kg On solid support 2kg 2kg 0.5kg 5kg Coupled on plate 0.1kg 0.1kg 0.02kg 0.5kg Min. Thickness of Sample Coupled 3mm 3mm 1mm 10mm Min. thickness of layers 0.8mm 0.8mm 0.2mm — Indentation of Test Tip with 300 HV Diameter 0.54mm 0.54mm 0.38mm 1.03mm Depth 24µm 24µm 12µm 53µm Indentation of Test Tip with 600 HV Diameter 0.45mm 0.45mm 0.32mm 0.90mm Depth 17µm 17µm 8µm 41µmC Indentation of Test Tip with 800 HV Diameter 0.35mm 0.35mm 0.30mm — Depth 10µm 10µm 7µm — Optional Impact Devices Material HRC HRB HB HV HSD Impact Device – D, DC Measuring Range 200-900† Steel 20.0-67.9 59.6-99.5 80-647 80-940 32.2-99.5 C.W. Tool Steel 20.4-67.1 80-898 Gray Cast Iron 93-334 Nodular Cast Iron 131-387 Cast Aluminum 30-159 Brass 13.5-95.3 40-173 Bronze 60-290 Copper 45-315 Impact Device – D+15, Measuring Range 300-900† (not shown) Steel and Cast Steel 19.3-67.9 80-638 80-937 33.3-99.3 Impact Device – C, Measuring Range 350-950† Steel and Cast Steel 20.0-69.5 80-683 80-996 31.9-99.6 Impact Device – G, Measuring Range 300-750† Steel and Cast Steel 47.7-99.9 90-646 Gray Cast Iron 92-326 Nodular Cast Iron 127-364 Impact Device – DL, Measuring Range 300-900† Steel and Cast Steel 20-68 37-100 80-650 80-940 30-97 † Leeb Measuring Range 244 G age A mps , H ardness and S urface T esters