Reference Bars St andard Reference Bars 12", 19", 25", 37", 49"/300, 500, 650, 950, 1250MM These Standard Reference Bars are invaluable for use in checking table movement of machine tools, accuracy of vernier height gages,surfaceplatetransfermeasurement,andforfinalinspectionofprecisionmachinetoolsandcoordinatemeasuringmachines. The "channel design" places additional measuring pads at appropriate points over the length of the bar as reference points for x, y or z axis measurements. Channel design permits use of the bar on its base (vertical), or on its back, or either side (horizontal). The alternating gage block jaws and spacer blocks are permanently wrung and fastened together to form 1" increments for inch bars and 25mm increments for metric bars. A special bushing arrangement allows the master stack to conform to thermal conditions prevailing during use, thus providing a true master even under less than perfect laboratory conditions.Mating surfaces are treated during assembly to prevent corrosion. Non-standard lengths and measuring increments are available on special order. A Certificate of Calibration is included. All models are furnished with storage case. Standard Sizes are 12", 19", 25", 37" and 49" in the inch system and 300mm, 500mm, 650mm, 950mm and 1250mm in the millimeter system With Channel Design Inch System Millimeter System Cat. No. EDP Size Cat. No. EDP Size RBC 12. 92626 12" RBCM 300. 93642 300mm RBC 19. 92627 19" RBCM 500. 92617 500mm RBC 25. 92628 25" RBCM 650. 93053 650mm RBC 37. 92629 37" RBCM 950. 92619 950mm RBC 49. 92630 49" RBCM 1250. 92620 1250mm Free Standing Stack Without Channel Design – Vertical Position Only Inch System Millimeter System Cat. No. EDP Size Cat. No. EDP Size RB 8. 92616 8" RBM 200. 93261 200mm RB 10. 92623 10" RBM 250. 93262 250mm RB 12. 92624 12" RBM 300. 93263 300mm RB 18. 92625 18" RBM 450. 93264 450mm Specifications Description Inch System Millimeter System Tolerance (Stack) expressed in µin. expressed in µm Maximum: 2.5L + 10L in inches .0025L + .25L in millimeters Minimum: - 10 - .25 Parallelism: Gage Surfaces to Base and Each Other 15µin. 0.4µm Uncertainty of Calibration 10 + 2.0L in inches expressed in µin. .25 + .002L in millimeters expressed in µm. The accuracy of the surface that supports the gage must be taken into account when determining the accuracy of any measurements. 398 S t arrett -W ebber G age B locks