Height Measurement Outside Width Measurement Inside Width Measurement Hole Diameter Measurement Large, easy-to-view /understand display shows the diameter of a hole or boss Display showing TIR Interactive LCD with unique scanning meter for easy probe position viewing 3 4 1 2 2.0000 1.0000 5.0000 (2) 7.0000 (4) Altissimo includes many routines including diameter of a bore (1 and 2), width of a slot or a rib (3 and 4), distance from datum to center of a hole or slot and distance between features 1 TIR MIN MAX TIR mode can measure the high or low point of a diameter or other surface. The datum can then be set to the max or min value. Specifications Measuring Range 24"/600mm (Extendible to 30"/750mm by rotating the probe holder 180º) Resolution .0001"/.0005"/.001" (0.002mm/0.01mm/0.02mm) Accuracy ±.0003" (0.008mm) Repeatability ±.0002" (±0.002mm) Power Source NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (120V AC/60Hz Charger/Adapter included). Operation time: 100+ hours, Recharging time: 10 hours Included .1875"/4.8mm Dia. Carbide Probe, Probe Holder Accessories AC Charger/Adapter, Probe Calibration Block Dimensions Length 11" (279mm), Width 7-3/4" (197mm), Height 36-1/2" (927mm) Weight 40 lb (18 kg) Perpendicularity .0004" (0.010mm) 109 starrett.com H eight G ages