170 Dial Sheet Gages .150" Measures the thickness of sheet materials like paper, cardboard, leather, plastics and metals. Raise the movable contact, insert the work, remove thumb, and spring pressure holds the work parallel with the contacts. Thickness is registered on the dial. By turning the knurled bezel, the dial may be moved to bring the hand to zero. • Contact edges are radiused to prevent work from being marred or deflected • The flat contact area measures 5/16" in diameter • Black finish • 1-1/8" throat depth • Furnished in deluxe padded case Hole Gages 690 HOLE GAGE .010-.330" 690M HOLE GAGE 0.25-8.35MM These hole gages will check hole diameters to .001" and 0.02mm.They are fast, accurate, easy to read and have a balanced design for easy one- hand operation. The gage can be pressed down on a flat surface and checked so the size should read the same as the set number stamped on the back of the indicator. It can also be checked and set with an optional "setting master". All ground surfaces are of hardened tool steel. Indicators are AGD design. Holes that need to be accurately checked must have no chamfers or countersinks. 690 690M Measure Diameter 690 Special Function Indica tors Inch Reading Hole Gages Gages Set Masters (Optional) Range Cat. No. EDP Part No. EDP 690-1Z 63710 PT23710-1 63879 .010-.040" 690-2Z 63711 PT23710-2 63880 .030-.130" 690-3Z 63712 PT23710-3 63881 .130-.230" 690-4Z 63713 PT23710-4 63882 .230-.330" Millimeter Reading Hole Gages with Yellow Dials Gages Set Masters (Optional) Range Cat. No. EDP Part No. EDP 690M-1Z 63714 PT23710-5 63883 .25-1.00mm 690M-2Z 63715 PT23710-6 63884 .75-3.30mm 690M-3Z 63716 PT23710-7 63885 3.30-5.85mm 690M-4Z 63717 PT23710-8 63886 5.85-8.35mm Check Gage Stand for Chamfer, Countersink and Hole Gages Cat. No. EDP Description 695 63875 8-3/16" H x 6" W x 4" D (212 x 150 x 100mm) Hold Downs - 5" (125mm) on Center – 1/4" (6.3mm) Holes Also available with electronic indicators. Please specify. 170 Dial Sheet Gages, Inch Reading Cat. No. EDP Range Graduation Dial Reading 170Z 50647 .150" .001" 0-100 170Z 187 starrett.com I ndica tors and G ages