Accessory Sets Indicator Accessory Set Indica tor Accessory Set This heavy-duty accessory mounts on any build-up of heavy- duty blocks and measures the deviation of the work from nominal or desired size. (Indicator is set and checked for zero by placing blocks on any known flat surface.) HDA10andHDA12IndicatorAccessorySetsconsistofaholding block, extension jaw and a precision Starrett indicator. See catalog description below for indicator ranges and graduations. Wear Blocks croblox® Wear Blocks in .050" and .100" sizes are available for use with heavy-duty blocks. INCH Eccentric clamps are used for combining long blocks Quick-acting clamps are used for combining fractional inch blocks with blocks 1" or longer Heavy-Duty Steel Accessories Individually or Sets as stated below Individual Accessories Steel Accessories Included in all 42 thru 46 Piece Sets or 84 Piece Set when ordered with Accessories Description Cat. No. Half-Round Jaw*  .500 Radius HDA 1. 2 Scriber Point HDA 2. 1 Center Point .500 C/L HDA 3. 1 Eccentric Clamp HDA 4. (See set description next page for qty.) Quick-Acting Clamp HDA 5. 1 Base Block 1.500" Thick HDA 6. 1 Additional Accessories Individual Accessories Description Cat. No. Straight Jaw*  1.000 Thick HDA 820. Indicator Set Consisting of: HDA 10. Indicator Holding Block Extension Jaw (1.000" Thick) Indicator with ±.010" Range, .0005" Graduations Case Indicator Set As Above Except: HDA 12. Indicator with ±.0015" Range, .00005" Graduations * Jaws are normally used in pairs, but are ordered individually. Please order accordingly. croblox® Wear Blocks Cat. No. Size HDC .050 WA1 .050" HDC .100 WA1 .100" 389 S t arrett -W ebber G age B locks