Setting Masters For Dial Indica tor Diameter Gages These setting masters are used to check and reset diameter gages under production gaging conditions. Each master consists of a rigid box beam with reference and sensitive heads which are individually adjustable along dovetail ways. A platen on each head locates the diameter gage from its feet. The position of the gage contacts is matched by the anvils on the masters which are vertically adjustable.The reference head anvil has a fine adjustment for final settings, plus a restrictor to help position the gage in the master. Both heads can be reversed for I.D. or O.D. settings. Each master has a fixed single point rest and two leveling screws which provide a three-point suspension. All contact and working surfaces are hardened and ground. The setting procedure is as follows: set the diameter gage precisely to gage blocks or height gages. Then, using the diameter gage, set the master which can then be used as a precise reference standard for the diameter gage during production gaging. SENSITIVE AND REFERENCE HEADS TO BE REVERSED AS SHOWN IN PHANTOM FOR INTERNAL MEASUREMENT GAGE REST PAD SURF. SET 5.25-12" (133.4-304.8) EXTERNAL MEASUREMENT SET 1-12" (25.4-304.8) INTERNALMEASUREMENT 0-2" (50) ADJ. DROP 0-2" (50) ADJ. DROP DOVETAIL HARDENED WAYS DOVETAIL LOCKS 1127 Internal-External Adjust able Setting Master for St arrett 1102 Diameter Gages EDP 56135 This set master is used with our 1102 Diameter Gages. The internal adjustment range is 1–12" (25-300mm) and external adjustment is 5-1/4–12" (133-300mm). Storage case is available to hold both the gage and master (Catalog 1102ZZ, EDP 56136). Indica tor Diameter Gages B C E F D G A 1127 Internal-External Adjustable Setting Master for Starrett 1102 Diameter Gages Photo Key Description A Sensitive Head B Hardened Rest Platen C Anvil D Reference Head E Fixed Single Point Button Rest F Beam – Rectangular Box Section G Leveling Screws (2) 1127 201 I ndica tors and G ages