430 Indica ting Micrometer The 430 Dial Indicating Micrometer has a Vernier scale in inch for taking precise outside diameter (OD) measurements and dial gage for Go/No-Go (GO/NG) tolerance inspection. A retractable, quick-release anvil allows for uniform consistent pressure during measurement. Fea tures • Retractable, quick release anvil for uniform, consistent, and fast measurement • Insulated frame to prevent thermal expansion/contraction • Balanced frame and thimble design for ease of use • Carbide measuring finish on anvils • Friction thimble • Satin chrome finish for rust and glare resistance • Spindle lock • Supplied with custom wooden case Indica ting Micrometers 430 Indicating Micrometers Cat. No. EDP 430XLZ-1 72533 3206 Outside Micrometer Stand Cat. No. EDP 3206 68917 Specifications Micrometer Range 0-1" Indicator Range ±.0020" Micrometer Resolution .0001" Indicator Resolution .00005" Measuring Force 5-10N (500-1000gf) Measuring Faces Carbide Repeatability ±.00005" Flatness .000012" Parallelism .000036" 430XLZ-1 How to Use for Direct Measure and as a Compara tor For direct measuring, the micrometer head is set to zero and the dial indicator is set to zero by the bezel adjustment. Any workpiece within the 1" (25mm) range can then be measured by the micrometer head in ten-thousandths of an inch (.0001" or 0.002mm). The indicator must read zero for each measurement. If used as a comparator, first set the head and the indicator to zero as previously explained. Then adjust the micrometer head to the desired dimension to be checked. After retracting the anvil, work is placed on the table between anvil and spindle and the anvil is then released so anvil and spindle contact the work. Plus or minus deviation from the nominal work size is then read from the dial indicator in fifty-millionths of an inch (.000050") or 0.002mm. 73 starrett.com M icrometers New!