Precision Shop Tools 1X-7 1 Adjust able-Jaw Cut Nippers Special design provides powerful leverage for efficient and clean cutting. Especially recommended for all applications involving wire cutting.These tools can be adjusted for wider jaw openings to easily cut tile and mosaics. • Heat-treated steel frames for strength • Carbide jaws for extra long life • Red vinyl coated handles for a firm, comfortable grip • Jaws can be detached and replaced, or resharpened. Jaws should be ground in pairs and referenced from the serrations • Jaws can be adjusted on the frames. Each jaw has an allowance of about 1/4" (6.4mm) to cut tile or to adjust after resharpening. • Stud and stop screw on the handle can be adjusted for proper jaw closure, thereby preventing damage from excess pressure on the jaws • A flat safety spring below the cutting edges of the jaws forms a yielding seat for the end of the wire to press against while being cut 1610 Kleenscribe™ La yout Dye • Deep blue, quick-drying dye for clean, dry metal surfaces • Brush or spray an opaque blue background that makes scribed lines stand out sharp and clear • Will not rub off on hands or clothing or flake away • Unaffected by cutting lubricants and heat generated during machining • To remove, use a rag or wiper, moistened with denatured alcohol Ideal For Numerous Applica tions: • Laying out dies, cams, templates, jigs, fixtures, patterns, castings • Touching cutting tool to work before setting machine for cut • Identifying tools, parts, bar stock and other shop metals • Checking alignment of gears and wearing parts Kleenscribe™ Layout Dye Cat. No. EDP Size Description 1610-4 53212 4oz. (0.1 liter) Plastic Bottle 1610-16 53213 16 oz. (0.5 liter) Plastic Bottle 1610-32 53214 32 oz. (1 liter) Plastic Bottle 1611 55896 11-1/2 oz. (0.3 liter) Aerosol Can 1 Adjustable-Jaw Cut Nippers Cat. No. EDP Jaws Only (Pair) Size Capacity (Max. Wire Dia.) Jaw Width Jaws Part No. EDP in mm in mm in mm 1X-5 1/2 50004 PT01931-1 50006 5-1/2 138 .050 1.3 21/32 16.5 Carbide Tipped 1X-7 50005 PT01932-1 50007 7 175 .080 2 13/16 21 Carbide Tipped 345 P recision S hop T ools