Ga tewa y The DataSure Gateway is the central point for data collection and tool management and plugs directly into a PC through a USB port. Ga tewa y Fea tures • USB • Sends data to application or database • Multi-file export features • Unique system ID WIRELESS DATA COLLECTION A Da t aSure® Shop-floor The illustration (below) demonstrates how a large, multi-workstation shop might be networked with DataSure. Tools at various locations collect data.The End Nodes send data to the nearest Router, and then to the Gateway, or directly to the Gateway if that is the best path. The Gateway sends a signal back through the same path to the End Node to confirm receipt of the data. Software DataSure Advanced Wireless Data Collection Software connects and manages your tools, network, data and third party SPC applications. Work Cell 4 Gateway Router End Node Data Collection/Gateway Work Cell 1 Work Cell 2 Work Cell 3 Inspector Turning Center 1 Machining Center 1 End Node The DataSure End Node plugs directly into digital tools. It sends measurement data and verifies receipt at the Gateway with a green light. The smaller 2nd Generation End Node has IP67 dust and water protection. End Node Fea tures • User feedback LEDs • On-tool data storage • Adapts to most tools Router Each DataSure Router extends the system's range in increments of 100 feet (30 meters). They ensure system robustness by providing alternate signal paths in noisy environments. Router Fea tures • Range extender • Transmits around interference • Wall mount or mobile 1500-3A-1N 1500-2-N 1500-3A-24N on 795.1 1500-1-N Power Range Size ft. m in mm USB 100 30 7.0 x 5.5 x 2.5 178 x 140 x 63.5 Power Range Size ft. m in mm AC, NiMH 100 30 7.0 x 5.5 x 2.5 178 x 140 x 63.5 Power Range Size ft. m in mm CR2450 lithium 65 20 2.2 x 2.0 x 0.49 55.3 x 43.2 x 17.8 225 D a t a C ollection S ystems