Special Function Indica tors 1150 Dial Indica tor Snap Gages 0-8" These compact gages have rigid aluminum alloy frames protected from hand heat by insulating handles. They are used to gage outside diameters to an accuracy of .0001". Dimensional variations are transmitted to the dial indicator through a linear friction-free transfer mechanism totally enclosed for protection against side thrust, foreign matter and coolants. Flat gaging contacts simplify measurement close to shoulders.The top sensitive contact may be reversed to present a spherical face to the work.An adjustable backstop simplifies centering the work. The contacts and backstop are 5/16" diameter hardened tool steel, precision ground and lapped flat. The contacts are individually adjustable to a maximum 2" range and are locked in position by tightening parallel-lock clamps to maintain parallelism of faces. Both contacts are also keyed to maintain orientation of faces regardless of adjustment. Plus or minus tolerances are read directly from the indicator since the dial face has a double row of graduations reading in opposite directions from zero, with "minus" graduations in red and "plus" in black. The indicator can be rotated 360º and locked in position to read from any angle, and a fine-adjusting screw provides for zero setting the hand. A guard protects the dial indicator when the gage is laid down. A bench stand is available to convert the gage to a bench comparator. T1150 Dial Indicator Snap Gages also available with indicators other than those listed, a 717 Gage Amplifier and gaging head in place of the indicator, carbide faces on the contacts, special contact and backstop shapes and sizes, variable gaging pressure control, disc setting and other special masters, and larger ranges. 1150Z-2 mounted on 1150BenchStand Special Cont acts Some of the many interchangeable anvil configurations designed to suit special applications. Wide Face up to 9/16" Square Ball or Roll Blade Type Offset OffsetforFaceGroove 1150Z-2 with F2720AD Electronic Indicator 1150 Dial Indicator Snap Gages, Inch Reading Without Stand Range Dial Indicator Cat. No. EDP Graduation Dial Reading Range Model No. 1150Z-2 53168 0-2" .0001" 10 – 10 .040" 81-111-1150 1150Z-4 53169 2-4" 1150Z-6 53170 4-6" 1150Z-8 53171 6-8" Accessory for 1150 Dial Indicator Snap Gages Cat. No. EDP Description 1150 53172 Bench Stand Only Gages furnished in case. 191 starrett.com I ndica tors and G ages