Special Gaging Pneuma tic Food Tra y Measurement This gage measures width, length, and height of food trays. Full part length contacts ensure the correct dimensions for every measured parameter. The gage employs a system of pneumatics to withdraw probes for quick, easy loading and unloading of trays. A steel master is used to replicate a perfect part. The electronic indicators are then set to their mean values. The result is a reliable and accurate system with fast throughput to measure a specialized, complex part. Measurement of the Interface of a Coffee Cup and Lid Most of us have heard the story – a large fast food chain is sued because the lid came off of a Styrofoam coffee cup and scalded a customer. The company lost the suit and the word went down to find a way to make sure that the lid stays on and the cup does not leak – a specialized, difficult measurement that required a custom solution. The hand held gage pictured provides the perfect solution to this application. The cup and lid are both measured with the same gage, with a simple sensor change to go from one to the other. Each are measured to within ±.001". The result is a reliable and accurate system that keeps the lid on the cup and prevents leaks.The fast food customer is safe from hot coffee and our customer is safe from costly lawsuits. 255 starrett.com S pecial G aging