Ultra-Light Large Diameter Gage This gage is used as an indicating snap gage by setting the indicator to zero with the set master and then reading the part size variations on the indicator. The setting master is a Starrett 234 End Measuring Rod with insulated grips and saddle-centering mounts. Sizes are available from 18" to 24" through 84" to 90". This gage can be made into an adjustable snap gage by fitting one end with a micrometer and the other end with an indicator. They are available with dial or electronic indicators. Other concepts are available to suit specific requirements. Ultra-Light Honeycomb Deep Throa t and Large Diameter Gages A large diameter or deep-throated gage no longer has to be heavy and hard to handle. Starrett special gage engineers have studied the physical and structural properties of honeycomb aluminum,establishing standards covering the selection and use of this lightweight material. The results were long-range measurement to close tolerances in hand-held gages of many configurations, all combining great rigidity with light weight and ease of handling. It measures diameters to 72" (180cm) and throat depths to 24" (60cm). Ultra-Light Deep Throa t Gage This deep throat indicating micrometer gage solves the problem of checking the .281" (±.005") thickness of a fan rotor shaft at a point nearly 15" from its edge. Special Gaging 259 starrett.com S pecial G aging