L2 Systems feature a tablet computer with touchscreen display. The system is WiFi® , Bluetooth® and USB compatible. Perform common test methods such as determining maximum load, maximum deflection, average loads or how product reacts when a constant load is applied for a specified period of time. L2 systems can determine break strengths and the sample's characteristics at load and extension limit values and provide you with immediate pass/fail indication. The L2 system includes test templates- pre-configured test setups for load, distance and break limit testing. These can be used to setup a test in seconds. Simply fill in the blanks and your setup is complete. Use the Convert to Test Builder function and your test template is converted to a full Test Builder setup. Use the Test Builder application supplied standard with L2 systems to construct simple and complex test setups. This example shows a contact closure test that also uses the optional Automation Builder and digital I/O. The Test Builder methodology is same across all Lx systems. 491 starrett.com M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement