647 Dial Compara tor Indica tors The 647 Dial Comparator Indicators offer a high degree of security and precision. They are based on a solid and well thought-out construction taking into account the latest technology. They are manufactured by the most up-to-date methods. 647 647M Fea tures and Specifica tions • Effective non-shock mechanism • Pinions and shafts of the movement are jeweled • After removal of the safety cap and adjustment screw on top of the case allows simple and safe zero setting of the instrument over the total measuring range • A safety cap prevents unintentional turning of the fine adjustment screws • Stem and spindle are made of hardened stainless steel • The measuring spindles are very sensitive on account of their accurate guides • Additional overtravel assists with the insertion of work pieces into the measuring device • The clear scale is shadow free • The red tolerance markers are easy to recognize and to set • Furnish with flat back Dial Indica tors 647 and 647M Dial Comparator Indicators Cat. No. EDP Range Graduation Dial Reading 647 00001 .004" .00005" 20-0-20 647M 00002 0.1mm 0.001mm 50-0-50 647 and 647M Dial Comparator Indicator Accessories Part No. EDP Description PT15052 00537 Lug-on-center back PT15053 00538 Lift cable 162 I ndica tors and G ages