Precision Fla t Stock and Drill Rod Precision Ground Fla t Stock and Drill Rod STANDARD AND OVERSIZE Starrett Precision Ground Flat Stock and Drill Rod can save time in your shop … no more time hunting lost stock … no more slow, costly grinding to size. Just lay it out and saw it out and save valuable machinery, downtime and man hours. Six types of material in a complete range of sizes is available to meet your specific needs: 495 and 496 are (AISI 01) oil hardening tool steels.These steels are dimensionally stable and can be used for all intricate work, including work with thin sections, with a minimum danger of cracking. 497 and 499 are (AISI A2) 5% chromium air-hardening steel. These steels have high wear and abrasion resistance. 498 Low carbon steel is used where deep hardening is not necessary, although it can be carburized or case hardened. 344 is (AISI A6) a medium alloyed air hardening tool steel that provides an excellent balance of machinability, toughness and wear resistance. W1 Carbon (Available only in Drill Rod) is (AISI/SAEW1) a versatile and less expensive carbon steel with excellent machinability, good wear resistance and toughness. 401 and 402 are (AISI D2) high chromium steel. These steels are for the highest wear resistance applications. Cut costs and save time - make your own parts like these from Flat Stock • Machine parts • Fixtures • Parallels • Dies • Test gages • Shims • Stamps • Templates • Jigs • Test tools • Flat gages • Punches • Cutters • Buttons Packaging Starrett Precision Ground Flat Stock is individually wrapped in brown paper and clearly marked with size dimensions, analysis and correct hardening and tempering information. Drill rods are bundled together and tagged with a description that includes the size and EDP number. Color coding by grade on the ends of each piece allows for easy identification. 550 F la t S tock and D rill R od