Special Gaging Universal Bench Gage Sizes from 0 to 4" are rapidly checked to .0001" accuracy with a dial or electronic indicator.The gage range is ±.100" from the zero set point on a master. A rugged ball bushing motion transfer provides accuracy for many maintenance- free years. With optional contacts, this gage can be quickly set up to check inside and outside diameters, slot and groove widths, length or thickness, and splines or gear pitch diameters. Move the lockable slide to reverse this gaging direction. Attach the required contacts and set the indicator to zero with a master. You are ready to gage a different part in less than five minutes. The gage is also available with a digital indicator that will hold the reading from one sweep over the part to eliminate errors. Contacts are available for numerous applications. Optional 2- or 3-point contact sets are available with flat or rounded faces, conical points, steel or carbide balls, and pins for over-roll dimensions. Da t a Collection SPC requires accurate input of product dimensions. Speed and accuracy are the demands met by this special gage and the 776 Gage -Chek™ . One special gage and one 776 displays and stores up to eight dimensions. As shown, the larger diameter, small diameter, concentricity and length are checked in one step. It takes less than ten seconds to take and store all four dimensions. The actual sizes are entered into the 776 display. Both the variance from nominal size plus actual size can be displayed. 261 starrett.com S pecial G aging