Basic Electronic Tool Sets S766A WITHOUT OUTPUT Basic starter sets for electronic measuring include slide calipers and 1"/25mm micrometers. Two sets without output are offered: S766AZ for English units and S766MAZ for metric. Both sets include an attractive, protective case. S766AZ S766AZ/EDP 12206 - Inch Set (without output) Cat. No. Description EC799A-6/150 0-6" (0-150mm) electronic slide caliper 3732XFL-1 0-1" (0-25mm) electronic outside micrometer S766MAZ/EDP 12207 - Millimeter Set (without output) Cat. No. Description EC799A-6/150 0-6" (0-150mm) Electronic Slide Caliper 3732MEXFL-25 0-1" (0-25mm) Electronic Outside Micrometer S909, S909M Basic Precision Measuring Tool Sets Sets contain three of the most commonly used precision tools. Furnished in attractive, protective cases. S898Z Automotive Inspection Sets Starrett has developed two kits that combine highly flexible configuration with several options to secure a measuring fixture to whatever surface is available to do the job. These kits will prove themselves to be invaluable to auto mechanics, providing an answer to the question: "How am I going to do that?". Fea tures • Allows very precise measurement for automotive repair • Used to set proper distance or alignment • Enables measuring fixture to be secured to any available surface • Highly flexible configuration S909Z S898Z-1 S909Z/EDP 65122 - Inch Set Cat. No. Description T436.1XRL-1 1" (25mm) Outside Micrometer with Carbide Faces 120A-6 6" (150mm) Dial Caliper C604R-6 6" Spring Tempered Precision Rule S909MZ/EDP 65668 - Millimeter Set Cat. No. Description V436.1MXRL-25 1" (25mm) Outside Micrometer with Carbide Faces 120M-150 6" (150mm) Dial Caliper C635E-150 6" Spring Tempered Precision Rule S898Z Inspection Kits Cat. No. EDP Description S898Z-1 12438 Inspection kit with indicator, pliers, Flex-O-Post and form-fit plastic case S898Z-2 12437 Inspectionkitwithindicator,pliers,Flex-O-Post,magneticbaseandform-fitplasticcase 222 T ool S ets