Outside and Inside Diameter Gages Individually designed and built for each application, these gages have a low-friction bushing direct-transfer mechanism and will repeat within one graduation. It is made of aluminum for light weight and to preserve the proper "feel". Gage contacts and rest feet are carbide for long wear. The steel tube master has carbide rests and pads for accuracy and wear control. Shown here is an angled outside diameter gage in position on the setting master to set the indicator to zero. This specific gage was designed to measure the diameter on conical parts. Inside Diameter Gage Inside diameter gage, moderately deep reach. Design permits inside measuring, while clearing hub obstructions. (Conventional straight bar would be used otherwise). Angled outside Diameter Gage with Setting Master Special Gaging Multi-Readout and Special Purpose Gages This complex five-station fixture gage checks critical dimensions and geometry of precision cylinders. This single fixture checks overall length to ±.010", squareness and parallelism of the ends to within .002", longitudinal bow to within .005", out-of-roundness to within .003" T.I.R, and wall thickness to within ±.003". The gage includes micrometer head height adjustment of the work-staging V-rests. It has precision ball slide mounts for dial indicators at two of the stations and wear- resisting carbide contacts at all gaging stations. Inserting ceramic cylinder in gage to check squareness and parallelism of ends, longitudinal bow and out-of-roundness 258 S pecial G aging