PRECISION, QUALITY , iNNOV A TiON Welcome to our new edition, Catalog 33. We remain as dedicated today to the making of great tools for our customers as we were when L.S. Starrett founded the company in 1880. He created a business and a brand that has become synonymous with precision, quality and innovation, backed by unmatched service and support. We accomplish this by offering application-designed precision tools, saws, and custom solutions that optimize job and process performance. Our confidence hinges over 130 years of experience focusing on your needs and your success. We take great pride in manufacturing long-lasting, easy-to-use tools that provide consistent and reliable performance. Today, Starrett offers five product categories: Precision Measurement Tools, Metrology Equipment, Granite- based Engineered Solutions, Saw Blades, and Jobsite and Shop Tools. Whether you need to modify a standard tool, require assistance in selecting the best saw blade for your cutting application,or desire a custom solution for your business, we have the breadth of knowledge to assist you. We are committed to providing you with complete solutions created for your exact needs. Problem solving is part of what we do every day. If the right tool for your application does not exist, contact us – we would appreciate the opportunity to build it. President and CEO 2