Getting St arrett Litera ture Just Got Easier HOW TO ORDER Ordering literature has never been easier. Visit our literature site at where our simple catalog ordering interface allows you to create an account, select printed material you would like to order and have it shipped directly to you at no cost. Literature ranges from posters that can be hung in the workshop to booklets that help explain how to utilize your Starrett tools. Pocket cards and memo pads are also available for those who need precise measurements while on the job, or in the classroom. How to Crea te a Litera ture Account 1. Log onto 2. Select "Catalogs" 3. Select "Create Account" 4. Fill in your mailing information and create a password 5. Select your User Group - New User, Educator, Distributor, or Sales 6. Select "Submit Registration" to create your account ALSO AVAILABLE User Manuals · Datasheets · Whitepapers · Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) · Starrett-3D Parts Catalog · Digital Design Assistant · Videos St arrett Litera ture a t Your Fingertips Our digital catalogs contain all of the information you have come to expect from our printed literature, but without taking up space on your desk. Fea tures • Access to all Starrett catalogs, brochures, datasheets and educational materials • Easy sharing through email • Print a page • Quickly download the whole catalog for convenient offline viewing Free Litera ture AVAILABLE AT STARRETT.COM Starrett Catalogs Cat. No. Description Cat. 33 Precision Tool Catalog Cat. 60 Band Saw Blade Catalog Cat. 71 PTA and Hand Tool Catalog Cat. 81 Metrology Equipment Catalog Complete list of literature, visit 572 V oca tional and E duca tional