Scribers 29 Scra tch Gage This tool is extremely useful for scribing lines parallel to a given surface. It is made of steel and the head is hardened.The gage is securely locked by a knurled clamp screw and split bushing in the head. The marker is a square piece of thin tempered-steel firmly held against the edge of the beam by a screw. The beam is graduated a full 6" by 64ths of an inch, and fine adjustments may be made by a slight rotating movement of the head. 70A, 67A, 68A Scribers 29B Scratch Gage 70 Pocket Scribers CARBIDE OR HARDENED STEEL POINTS The handle is made of steel, knurled and nickel plated. The scriber point is steel, properly hardened and finely tapered so the location of the point is not obscured. The scriber is held firmly in the handle by a knurled chuck and when not in use can be reversed, telescoped into the handle, and locked by the chuck. The hexagon-shaped head prevents rolling. 67 Improved Scriber Scribers are steel, properly tempered and well finished. The points are finely tapered so that the scriber point can be easily seen on the work. The handle, as well as the points, have a knurled grip. The long bent point is useful for reaching through holes.The length of the scriber with the short point is 9" (225mm) and with the long bent point, 12" (300mm). Points screw into the handle and fit either end. The knurled handle is nickel-plated. 68 Adjust able Sleeve Scriber A very handy scriber with a point 8" (200mm) in length that is held by an adjustable knurled sleeve.The adjustable sleeve may be clamped close to or away from the working point. The sleeve is nickel-plated. Available with or without knife point. 29B 50201 6" (150mm) 64ths 70 Pocket Scribers Cat. No. EDP Point Point Length Handle Diameter in mm in mm 70A 50323 Steel 2-3/8 60 1/4 6.4 70B 50324 2-7/8 72 3/8 9.5 70AX 50327 Carbide 2-3/8 60 1/4 6.4 70BX 56092 2-7/8 72 3/8 9.5 Points Only for 70 Pocket Scribers Part No. EDP Point For Starrett Scriber No. PT02355A 70332 Steel 70A PT02355B 70333 70B PT14398 71527 Carbide 70AX PT19306 72049 70BX 67 Improved Scribers Catalog EDP Description 67A 50316 Complete with 3 points (1 straight, 1 short bent, 1 long bent) 67B 50317 With 2 points (1 straight, 1 short bent) Points Only for 67 Improved Scribers Part EDP Description PT16584 71555 Extra straight point PT16585 71556 Extra short bent point PT16586 71557 Extra long bent point 68 Adjustable Sleeve Scribers Cat. No. EDP Description 68A 50322 With knife point 68B 50321 Without knife point 344 P recision S hop T ools