706 Inspection Blocks 1 X 2 X 3" 706M Inspection Blocks 25 X 50 X 75MM These Inspection Blocks are manufactured to precision tolerances, and are of great value for all inspection laboratories and in-shop setups where positioning is important. • High accuracy • Hardened steel, ground and lapped • Matched pair available Precision Shop Tools 1620 Tool and Instrument Oil Special high-refining process makes Starrett Tool and Instrument Oil colorless, ensures thorough lubrication of close-fitting parts at extreme temperatures and provides a strong, lasting film over all areas requiring protection against rust. Fea tures • This oil is made to our specifications and used in our factory to lubricate and protect our precision measuring tools and instruments • General purpose lubricant for a wide range of applications • Ideal for maximum protection and lubrication of measuring tools, precision instruments and light machinery • Guards highly finished tools, parts and machined surfaces against rust • Protects firearms, fishing tackle and other sporting equipment and keeps working parts in perfect condition • Cleans bright metals and polishes furniture • Starrett oil can also be used for automobile generators, starters, hinges, locks, and springs 1" or 25mm 3" or 75mm 2"or 50mm 11/32" (9mm) THRU C'Bore 17/32" (13mm) 11/32" (9mm) DEEP Lubricating the slide on a 123 Vernier Caliper assures maximum protection and lubrication of working parts 1620 Tool and Instrument Oil Cat. No. EDP Description 1620 53216 4 fl. oz. (0.1 liter) plastic bottle 1620 Inch Blocks Cat. No. EDP Description 706AZ 57121 Single 1 x 2 x 3" block in case 706BZ 57122 Matched pair in case Millimeter Blocks Cat. No. EDP Description 706MAZ 64968 Single 25 x 50 x 75mm block in case 706MBZ 64969 Matched pair in case Specifications Block Dimensions 1 x 2 x 3" (25 x 50 x 75mm) Parallelism .0001" (0.003mm) Squareness .0001 in/in (0.003mm/25mm) Hardness RC 63-65 Flatness .0001" (0.003mm) 706BZ 366 P recision S hop T ools