IP Protection An IP number is composed of two numbers, the first referring to protection against solid objects and the second against liquids. First number 6: Totally protected against dust Second number 7: Protection against submersion in water under standardized conditions of pressure for 30 minutes All 795.1 and 796.1 Micrometers include IP67 protection 795.1 Electronic Micrometers (with output) 0-4"/0-100MM 796.1 Electronic Micrometers (without output) 0-4"/0-100MM The expanded 795.1 and 796.1 Micrometer offering now includes measuring ranges up to 4" (100mm). All are IP67 protected against coolant, water, chips, dirt and dust. The 795.1 is equipped with an RS232 output port and is ideal for use with DataSure® Wireless Data Collection Systems or Multiplexer Inupt. Sets available upon request. Fea tures and Specifica tions • Large, easy-to-read .275" (7mm), high-contrast LCD digital readout • Starrettno-glaresatinchromefinishonthimbleandsleeve • Balanced and tapered frame • Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle • Micro-lapped carbide measuring faces • Auto OFF after 20 minutes of nonuse • Inch/millimeter conversion on English versions • Measurement HOLD button • Zero at any position • Retain and return to true zero reading • Resolution: .00005" (0.001mm) • Accuracy: ±.0001" (±.002mm) Electronic Micrometers 795.1XRL-4 795.1XFL-1 796.1XRL-1 795.1 Electronic Micrometers with Output Friction Thimble, Spindle Lock, Shell and Thimble Inch Grads. Ratchet Stop, Lock Nut, Shell and Thimble Inch Grads. Ratchet Thimble, Spindle Lock, Shell and Thimble Metric Grads.* Range Cat. No. EDP Cat. No. EDP Cat. No. EDP 795.1XFL-1 01100 795.1XRL-1 01108 795.1MXRL-25 01112 0-1" and 0-25mm 795.1XFL-2 01101 795.1XRL-2 01109 795.1MXRL-50 01113 1-2" and 25-50mm 795.1XFL-3 01102 795.1XRL-3 01110 795.1MXRL-75 01114 2-3" and 50-75mm 795.1XFL-4 01103 795.1XRL-4 01111 795.1MXRL-100 01115 3-4" and 75-100mm 796.1 Electronic Micrometers without Output 796.1XFL-1 01104 796.1XRL-1 01116 796.1MXRL-25 01120 0-1" and 0-25mm 796.1XFL-2 01105 796.1XRL-2 01117 796.1MXRL-50 01121 1-2" and 25-50mm 796.1XFL-3 01106 796.1XRL-3 01118 796.1MXRL-75 01122 2-3" and 50-75mm 796.1XFL-4 01107 796.1XRL-4 01119 796.1MXRL-100 01123 3-4" and 75-100mm Sets Cat. No. EDP Range Description S795.1AXFLZ 72534 0-3" (0-75mm) Electronic micrometer set (set of 3), includes 795.1XFL-1, 795.1XFL-2, 795.1XFL-3 S795.1BXFLZ 72535 0-4" (0-100mm) Electronic micrometer set (set of 4), includes 795.1XFL-1, 795.1XFL-2, 795.1XFL-3, 795.1XFL-4 Cables and Accessories Cat. No. EDP Description 795.1SCM 01124 SmartCable to multiplexer 795.1SCKB 01125 USB cable to PC (In focused window) 795.1SCU 01126 SmartCable with USB keyboard output PT99492 65650 Two 3-Volt Batteries, CR2032 *Metric Only All 795.1 and 796.1 Micrometers include a protective case.All except 1" and 0-25mm sizes furnished with standards. 24 M icrometers