Systems L2 Systems Results, also called coefficients have default names. These can be changed using the Coefficient Settings function. You can rename a coefficient so that it is universally applied to all test setups. Specialized functions, including deflection compensation or the ability to limit a load cell sensor are features to protect your instrumentation and to minimize operator errors. The Max Load Allowed feature can help prevent accidental load cell overloading. All Lx systems let you map where information is saved or exported to. Using the File Locations setting, you can specify how and where information is sent- automatically or on-demand. Test files, for example, can be created at a central location and then emailed to production facilities. This ensures that all manufacturing cells are using identical testing setups. All Lx systems can display in multiple languages. A translation utility is included with all Lx systems. This allows custom translation to be performed so that dialect or specialized terms are universally applied to all displays. 492 M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement