A D C B References for Other Test Indica tor Holding Methods In addition to the magnetic base indicator holders on the preceding pages, we also offer the following: A. For very precise measurements such as comparing a part to a gage block set, we have our 252 Height Transfer Gage with our DIGI-CHEKĀ® Height Gages B. Any of our great variety of height gages - 250,254,255,and 3752 - can be used for comparing and for actual vertical measurements C. Our 57 or 257 Surface Gages. These are for comparison and the truing-up of surfaces B A C Common Test and Back Plunger Indica tor Applica tions A. Models with tool post holders, generally used for lathe work. B. Indicators may be used on our 665 Inspection Holder. B, C. Some indicator holders have flexible joints for holding in different places. C, D. Indicators with straight stems or shanks can be held in snugs or in chucks and collets. Indica tor Holders 182 I ndica tors and G ages