452 Cylinder Gages 2-1/2–9" These convenient, easy-to-use gages are used to determine taper and out-of- roundness of bores, offering a quick and accurate way to show your customer whether new rings or reconditioning is necessary. The ranges are achieved by the use of two measuring contact rods. The gage is easily and accurately set to a micrometer. Fea tures: • Dial is graduated to show plus or minus • Bezel may be rotated for zero setting • Sled is hardened and ground for long, accurate life and has two long-line contacts in constant alignment with the cylinder wall.These reference points are spring loaded, making the gage self-centering and non-collapsible. • The locking screw (stem protruding above the dial) clamps the contact points in position for measurement with a micrometer • The handle can be locked in any perpendicular or angular position and may also be transformed by a slight turn into a toggle joint with a wide sweep • Extra handles may be ordered to make a long extension Special Function Indica tors 452 Cylinder Gages Cat. No. EDP Range Graduation Dial Reading One Rev. 452B 52339 2-1/2–6" .001" 0-100 .100" 452B-9 52341 2-1/2–9" Accessories Cat. No. EDP Length Description PT06722 72275 8-5/8" Handle Extension for 452B and 452B-9 Height from contact points to top of handle is 10" (250mm). 452B 196 I ndica tors and G ages