Special Function Indica tors Dial Indica tor Diameter Gages These gages measure both outside and inside diameters by comparing dimensions to gage blocks or an adjustable setting master. Each gage consists of a strong rectangular box beam with a sensitive gaging contact at one end and a reference gaging contact at the other. • All of the diameter gages have these features: • The sensitive contact transfers dimensions to the dial indicator through a linear friction-free mechanism • There are two gage feet at the reference end of the gage and one foot at the sensitive end of the gage to set the gage on the work and align the contacts • Gage depth is set by adjusting the gage feet up or down • A lever-actuated reverse mechanism loads the gage for either inside or outside diameter measurements • The gage contacts are easily changed to I.D. or O.D. gaging by turning them end for end • Unless otherwise specified, the dial indicator sent with the gage reads in .0005" increments with a total range of ±.030".The dial has a double row of graduations reading in opposite directions – minus in red and plus in black On the following pages we list our standard line but to suit other needs we also can furnish the following: 1. Any length that is required 2. Any dial indicator with inch or millimeter reading 3. 717ElectronicGageAmplifierandGagingHeadinplaceoftheindicator 4. Electronic indicators can also be furnished on any of these gages except the 1102 5. Special contact shapes 6. Gaging contacts with more depth 1102 197 starrett.com I ndica tors and G ages