Steel Rules 471 Steel Folding Rule with Circumference Measurement 24" Tinsmiths and other mechanics appreciate this rule because it measures diameters up to 24" as well as the equivalent circumference measurement in direct-reading circumference inches, up to 75". Entirely eliminates the need for circumference calculations. Made of fine, spring-tempered steel and jointed at the center with two 12" folds. Photo-engraved graduations. 414 Steel General Utility Rules – English Pa ttern 12", 24" These tempered steel rules are designed to meet the general-utility measuring needs of schools and shops, wood-workers, tinsmiths, metalworkers, bench-work, etc. Photo-engraved graduations are heavier than conventional machine-divided rules and easy to read. The two edges on both sides are graduated with the upper edges in 8ths and the lower edges in 16ths of an inch. A 1/4" hang-hole is on one end. 414 Steel General Utility Rules – English Pattern Cat. No. EDP Length Width x Thickness Graduation 414-1 51499 12" 1-1/4 x 1/16" 8ths, 16ths of an Inch, Both Sides 414-2 51500 24" 24" Steel Folding-Rule with Circumference Measurement Cat. No. EDP Width x Thickness Graduation 471 52483 3/4" x 1/32" 8ths and Circumference 8ths on One Side; 16ths on Reverse Side 414-1 471 299 P recision R ules , S traight E dges , P arallels