Granite Surface Pla tes Cryst al Pink® • Accurate for use in metrology laboratories and wear resistant for use in abrasive shop environments • The finest, most durable granite surface plate available to industry today • The name is derived from the fact that it has the highest crystalline quartz content of any granite surface plate Surface Finish • Even distribution of large quartz crystals provides a smooth finish, which significantly reduces wear on the surface plate and the instruments used on it • Fine micro-finish, combined with the natural voids in the surface provides a velvety-smooth tool action Wear Life • Non-quartz-bearing granite in average daily use requires resurfacing about once a year, while Crystal Pink plates used in these same plants have required resurfacing only once every three to five years, on average. St arrett Cryst al Pink: • Meets or exceeds U.S.Federal Specification GGG-P-463c andASME B89.3.7 2013 for overall flatness, local area flatness and accuracy under load • Great surface hardness and wear resistance – the highest percentage of quartz crystals of any granite plate • Smooth, jewel-like quartz bearing points protect accuracy and finish of both the surface and the tools used on it • Quality and economy combined • Comparable to black granite plates while outwearing them as much as 5 to 1 • Meets or exceeds 50 lb per square foot (24kg per 1,000 sq. cm) load bearing specifications. Available in 100 lb (45kg) test series. • Standard-size plates are mounted on resilient support pads, providing isolation from normal vibration and a non-distorting 3-point suspension. • Packed one per crate with skids for forklift handling. Crystal Pink Granite Surface Plate 414 G ranite S urface P roducts