Surface Pla te Calibra tion Products Repea t Reading Gage High-precision, fast checking of surface plate repeatability with readings taken with a dial indicator. Detects local error, not overall flatness. The base has an adjustment knob for zero-setting the cartridge-type gaging head, and all contact points resting on the granite, including the contact point of the gaging cartridge, are carbide and lapped to a fine finish. The instrument also accommodatesAGD indicators with .375" (9.5mm) diameter stems. Granite Calibra tion Services Starrett calibration and resurfacing services are available for all types and brands of granite surface plates. When certification of surface tolerance is required, recalibration service with an autocollimator will be provided with accuracy traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. Calibration and resurfacing of surface plates, tri-squares, master squares, master angles, V-blocks, parallels and straight edges is available at our at Waite Park, MN location. Resurfacing can also be done in your plant, saving crating and shipping costs as well as equipment down time. The cost is based on a square foot plate area with additional charge for travel. For a quotation, send us a list of plates, their sizes and the flatness tolerance required. When resurfacing is done in your plant, tolerances for repeat reading of measurement will be per U.S. Federal Specification GGG-P-463c,and ASME B89.3.7-2013. Closer repeat reading tolerances of 25, 50 and 100 millionths can only be assured if the resurfacing is done at our facilities. Recalibrations are provided by our Calibration Lab which is A2LA accredited. Repeat Reading Gage EDP Description 81320 Repeat Reading Gage 81321 Storage Case 81322 Travel Case 81850 0.00002" Dial Indicator Tolerances for Repeat Reading of Measurement Diagonal Inches (mm) Full Indicator Movement (F.I.M.) in Microinches and (Microns) Grade AA Grade A Grade B Obtained Through 30" (750) 35 (.9) 60 (1.5) 110 (2.8) When not Specified 30-60" (750-1500) 45 (1.1) 70 (1.8) 120 (3) 60-90" (1500-2250) 60 (1.5) 80 (2) 160 (4) 90-120" (2250-3000) 75 (1.9) 100 (2.5) 200 (5) 120-150" (3000-3800) 90 (2.3) 120 (3) 240 (6) Over 150" (3800) 100 (2.5) 140 (3.6) 280 (7) All Sizes 25 (.6) 50 (1.3) 100 (2.5) When Specified A repeat reading gage detects minute variations of the surface within the unilateral flatness tolerance of the whole surface. Repeat Reading Gage Planeka tor Kits The Planekator measures the overall flatness of your surface plate. It enables you to take direct indicator readings of your surface plate with autocollimator-accuracy, but without the complicated mathematics of the autocollimator. When used in conjunction with a Starrett Repeat Reading Gage, you'll have a very accurate idea of the flatness of your surface plate. Each kit includes a precision granite straight edge, one adjustable support, one fixed support, a certified 0.00002" dial indicator and an indicator carriage. The entire kit is shipped in a heavy-duty travel case. The straight edge comes equipped with lifting handles, correction tape indicating the accuracy at 1" intervals, and includes a NIST-traceable certificate that meets ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. The Planekator straight edge should be at least equal to the full width, and at least equal to 50% of the length of the largest surface you will be inspecting. For example, a 36" planekator straight edge can be used to calibrate any surface up to 36" x 72". Part No. Size (in) TotalWeight of Kit (lbs) Straight Edge Accuracy (in) 80500 24 50 0.000050 80501 36 80 0.000075 80502 48 115 0.000100 Planekator 422 S t arrett -W ebber G age B locks