Applica tion-Focused Custom Solutions WHEN YOU HAVE A SPECIAL MEASUREMENT PROBLEM,WE WILL HELP YOU FIND THE SOLUTION. One way Starrett stands out from other precision tool providers is our willingness to work directly with customers to develop custom tools. Over 50 years, Starrett Special Gage has developed and built thousands of innovative custom measuring solutions. Customers include the energy, aerospace, automotive, food packaging, high-technology plastics and medical components industries as well as NASA and the military. Even with our broad catalog of products, some jobs require a custom solution. After we determine that no "off-the-shelf" product is applicable, our engineers begin a dialog with the customer to develop a custom tool for the specific task. Through a process of consultation, design, prototype machining and testing, we develop a specification to the full satisfaction of our customer. Similarly, the Starrett Metrology and Starrett Tru-Stone Granite Technologies Divisions work interactively with customers to create custom solutions utilizing their specific expertise and technologies. At the conclusion of the process, something that could not be measured is measured, and a difficult problem is transformed into an innovative, often elegant solution. Innov a tion THE CUSTOM SOLUTIONS DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Define Application • Measurement requirement • Workpiece shape • Workpiece variations • Tolerance requirements • Throughput requirements • Data output requirements • Unique considerations Your Application Catalog Product Many measuring application requirements can be met by a standard catalog product Modified Special Order Product We can work with you using a "menu" of variables to make a modified standard product that meets your requirements Consultation Our engineers discuss various approaches with your engineers Design Build Prototype Test and Evaluate Solution Measuring Solution? Concept Approval? Measuring Solution? Measuring Solution? Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No 16