668 Shaft Alignment Clamp Sets The 668 Shaft Alignment Clamp is designed for fast, precise alignment of motors, pumps, compressors, etc. This system is capable of addressing radial and angular misalignment problems and can be set up within minutes. A C D E G B F Fea tures • Lightweight clamp design made of black anodized aluminum • Rigid3/8"diameterstainlesssteelindicatorposts provided in three lengths (5", 7-7/16", and 9") • Extensionplateallowsforaddedradialclearance • Heavy-duty roller chain can accommodate up to a 7-1/2" diameter shaft • Sets are available with either two 196B5 or 81-141J Indicators • Excess roller chain can be secured to the side of the chain clamp • A second shaft alignment clamp can be mounted across from the first clamp to act as a vertical "target" for face alignment Special Function Indica tors 668 Shaft Alignment Clamp Sets Cat. No. EDP Description S668A 67150 1 each: Chain Clamp, Extension Plate, Posts (5", 7-7/16", 9"), without Case S668BZ 67151 2 each: Chain Clamp, Extension Plate, Posts (5", 7-7/16", 9"), with Fitted Case S668CZ 67152 2 each: Chain  Clamp,  196B5 Indicator, PT18724 Snug, Extension Plate, Posts (5", 7-7/16", 9"), with Fitted Case S668DZ 67153 2 each: Chain Clamp, 81-141J Indicator, 657Y Indicator Attachment, PT18724 Snug, Extension Plate, Posts (5", 7-7/16", 9"), with Fitted Case 27984-0 - Extra Length Chain: 24" #35 ANSI Chain with Link 668 Shaft Alignment Clamp Photo Key Cat. No. EDP Individual Components A 668 67155 Chain Clamp Only B PT99529 67454 Extension Plate Screw, Washer C PT27981 67302 5" Post D 657G 52753 7-7/16" Post E PT27982 67303 9" Post F PT18724 50710 Snug Complete G 657Y 52765 Indicator Attachment 194 I ndica tors and G ages