Trammel Heads 59 Trammel Heads, Divider Points, Att achments The 59 Trammel Head is very useful for laying out and scribing circles beyond the capacity of ordinary dividers. The trammel heads have a clamping device that firmly holds various attachments. The attachments consist of two sizes of caliper legs, 6", 9-1/2" (150, 238mm), two sizes of divider points 6", 9" (150, 225mm) which are eccentric for close settings, and a set of four ball points with holder. The ball points with 6" (150mm) holder are for scribing circles from the center of any hole up to 1-1/2" (38 mm) in diameter. One of the large caliper legs features a joint operated by an eccentric thumb piece for fine adjustments. A pencil may be clamped in either head in place of the caliper legs or divider points. The heads will accommodate any size beam from 3/4 – 1-1/2" (19-38mm) in width. Since beam length requirements vary widely, and they are easy for the user to fashion, we do not furnish a beam. 50 Improved Trammel Heads with Divider Points, Pencil Socket Used to measure the distance between points that are too great to be reached with dividers.The heads are die cast with black wrinkle finish and have hardened, forged steel divider points.The points screw into the heads, and the pencil socket accompanying each set of trammel heads can be used in place of either point. 50A has an adjustable point. Longer points (5"/125mm) are also available. A beam is not furnished with these trammels. The heads will accommodate a beam up to 3/8" (9.5mm) thick and 3/4" (19mm) wide. 50 Improved Trammel Heads Cat. No. EDP Point Size Description in mm 50A 50268 3, 2-1/2 75, 63 (adjustable) Includes 2 heads, 2 points, pencil socket 50B 50269 3 75 Includes 2 heads, 2 points, pencil socket 50 (Longer) Points Only Cat. No. EDP Point Size Description in mm 50CA 50270 5, 4-1/2 125, 113 2 adjustable points for Starrett 50A 50CB 50271 5 125 2 points for Starrett 50B 59 Trammel Heads, Divider Points, Attachments Cat. No. EDP Description 59A 50297 2 trammel heads, 2 small points (6"/150mm) 59B * Set of 4 ball points and one holder only 59C * Pair small caliper legs only (6"/150mm) 59D * Pair large caliper legs only (9-1/2"/228mm) 59E 50301 Large points only (9"/225mm) 59F 50302 Complete Set: 59A, B, C, D, E * 59B, 59C and 59D sold only as part of 59F set. 59F 50A 315 C alipers , D ividers and T rammels