Depth Gages 450, 450M Dial Depth Gages 0-12"/0-300MM These depth gages are ideal for the individual mechanic.They are light,reliable and accurate for measurements to .001" or 0.02mm and will fit into most toolboxes. Left: 6" model Below: 12"/300mm base extension Readability Fea tures • Sharp, easy-to-read dial graduations of .001-.100" or 0.02-2mm in one revolution • Sharp, black graduations on the satin chrome finished bar, every .100" or 1mm Ease-of-Handling and Versa tility Fea tures • Lock screw for dial bezel • Lock screw for holding the measuring rod in position • Optional base extensions of 7" and 12" (175 and 300mm) are available to increase the base span on both models • Removable hook attachment permits readings from the edge of a workpiece to edges of slots, shoulders, etc. Accuracy and Long-Life Fea tures • Hardened, stainless steel base, measuring bar, rack and gears • Positive split gear anti-backlash control 450 Dial Depth Gages (.001" Graduation) Cat. No. EDP Range Description 450-6 56766 0-6" 6" Gage without Case 450-12 56768 0-12" 12" Gage without Case 450M Dial Depth Gages (0.02mm Graduation) Cat. No. EDP Range Description 450M-300 64276 0-300mm 300mm Gage without Case Accessories for 450 and 450M Dial Depth Gages Cat. No. EDP Description PT22287 65861 7"/175mm Base Extension PT22288 65862 12"/300mm Base Extension 450ZZ-6 56776 6" Case Only 450ZZ-12 56777 12" Case Only 127 D epth G ages