The Profilometer SL (PSL) combines the CrossCheck™ Line Laser Sensor technology with our proven Profilometer software platform to produce a low cost, reliable, and accurate tread and sidewall extrusion measurement system. PSL is an all-in-one package, with C-Frame, PC, and electronics combined into a mobile cart. PSL is non-contacting and has no moving parts, so reliability is uncommonly high. The measurement is instantaneous, so there is no waiting for results.With this new instant-scan capability and portability, geometry checks on tire components can be performed quickly at any location in the factory. Off-Line Profilometer SL Fea tures and Specifica tions • No moving parts • Instantaneous cycle time • Portable • Visual display overlays the measurement onto the specified design • Point and gage analysis measures the thickness and width of each breakpoint • Conicity analysis compares the right and left extrusion halves • Regional analysis reports the area and center of gravity for each region • Statistical analysis allows export of data for analysis in spreadsheet applications • Experienced users report that fewer die trials are needed, conserving time and raw materials • Dies can be designed to increasingly tighter tolerances for materials that are more difficult to extrude uniformly Specifications Measurement Parameter Thickness Measurement Range 60mm Width Measurement Range 300mm (4 sensors 450mm (6 sensors) Gage Repeatability of Flat Surfaces