Extruded Window Profiles PVC profiles can distort during calibration and cooling,resulting in non-usable profiles. In-line checking with Profile360™ assures that the operator will be alerted any time there is a change in size, shape, or squareness. This helps reduce the time and cost of rework and improves yield. Since Profile360 provides real-time measurement, there is no need to cut samples, de-burr the cut edges, and walk to a central off-line inspection station in order to check dimensions. Profile360 greatly reduces the cost of dimension checking, and provides a much faster result. Fea tures • Monitor angles, squareness, gaps, grooves, and other key dimensions in real-time with on-screen optical comparator and trend graph displays • Alarm when dimensions change • Viewreal-timeprofilegeometryfromanyPConyournetwork • Report complete dimensional statistics for each run Which ofThese is the Most EfficientWay to Start UpYour Extrusion Line? Profile360™ Off Line Methods ViewReal-TimeProfileDimensionsIn-Line Cut Part Adjust Extruder Immediately Walk to Metrology Lab Allow Adjustment to Stabilize and Pass Through Profile360 Cut Sliver Repeat Clean and Prep Sliver Time Required: 5 min per adjustment PutSliverinQueueforMeasurement Upload File/Find Mylar Place Sample On Scanner/10x Complete Measurement Routine Print Report File Report Walk Back to Extruder Adjust Extruder Wait for Adjustment to Stabilize Repeat Entire Process Time Required: 30 to 60 min per adjustment 531 starrett.com L aser M easurement