New Products Product and technology innovation has been at the core ofThe L.S.Starrett Company since our inception.The restless,creative energy of our founder,dedicated to "continuous improvement" long before that phrase came into common usage, is as much a part of our company in the 21st century as it was in the 19th. The table below lists products we have added to our Precision Tool Catalog since its last printing. Beyond catalog products, we devote significant resources to developing highly innovative, application-focused solutions, as described on the following pages. Innov a tion New Product Summary Page T444.1 Outside Micrometers 31 430 Indicating Micrometers 73 EC799 Electronic Micrometers 91 3202 Dial Calipers 98 3754 Electronic Height Gages 112 258 Digi-Check™ Electronic Height Gage 118 3259-AC Digital Height Gage Scriber Carrier Holder 121 3809, 3809 Dial Test Indicators 140 3908, 3909 Dial Test Indicators 140 2900 Electronic Indicators 170 2700 Backlight Indicators 171 2700 Group 1 Digital Indicators 174 3900 Electronic Indicators 174 3670 Dial Indicator Stands 175 781BXT AccuBore® Electronic Bore Gages with Output 204 770BXT Electronic Bore Gages with IP67 Protection (with output) 207 3089 Bore Gage Setter 213 RMS Remote Display and Probes 233 3814 Digital Replacement for Bench Hardness Tester 237 SR160 Surface Roughness Testers and Accessories 245 C636MEC-500 Steel Rule 296 Waterless Surface Plate Cleaner Wipes 421 HDV500 Digital Video Comparator 440 VB300 Vertical Bench-Top Optical Comparator 456 TOV2 Optical Comparator Telecentric Video Adapter 471 L1 Systems 500 FMM Digital Force Testers 505 Digital Force Gages 516 DFG Digital Force Controller 517 MTL Manual Testers 520 MTH Manual Testers 521 Profile360™ - G4 528 Off-Line Profilometer 3D (3DP) 540 Tire360 544 GEO-360 545 T444.1XRL-1 EC799B-6/150 3202-6 Granite Surface Plate Cleaner Wipes DFC-100 HDV500 3900-5 2700-800 Tire360 FMM-110X 3754-12/300 15