Screwdrivers 553 Pocket Screwdrivers The 533 Screwdrivers feature a hexagonally shaped head to prevent them from rolling. When not in use, the blade can be reversed into the screwdriver body for conveniently and safely carrying them in pockets. Size takes no more room than a penknife. Handy steel and carbide scriber points are also available to fit these handles, including 70 Scriber points. Fea tures • Hexagonal head prevents rolling • Small in size with reversable/removable blade • Steel and carbide scriber points available • Knurled grip 553 Pocket Screwdrivers Cat. No. EDP Blade Only Blade Width Blade Length Part No. EDP in mm in mm 553A 52543 PT02351A 70330 .100 2.5 1-7/8 48 553B 52544 PT02351B 70331 .150 3.8 3 75 Scriber Points Only Steel Carbide Fits Model Cat. No. EDP Cat. No. EDP PT02355B 70333 PT19306 72049 553B 553 355 P recision S hop T ools