Services Calibra tion, Field Service, Factory Service We can provide all levels of service for your material test and force measurement systems. We can supply a comprehensive range of calibration and verification services to ensure that your testing meets the requirements of international testing standards. Calibrations can be performed to ASTM E4 for load and ASTM E2658 for displacement or to equivalent standards from ISO, BS, DIN and more. Speed, stress and strain verifications can be performed on-site by technicians accredited to ISO 17025. Preventative maintenance programs, field and factory repair services are available to ensure that your systems perform to their published specifications. Starrett can provide factory services including load cell calibrations, test frame repair and reconditioning. All Starrett load cell sensors are supplied with a NIST- traceable Certificate of Calibration. Specialized services, including system integration with existing instrumentation, or application development for complex testing applications can be supplied by your Starrett representative. Your Starrett representative can provide on-site training to your personnel to help ensure that your system operates to its published specification. Our training also provides your operators with the knowledge needed to perform your testing in a safe and efficient manner. Our objectives are to help you make your products better through improved resource utilization,increased throughput and optimized efficiency. Starrett stocks critical spare parts and accessories for quick delivery.Load cell sensors and commonly used test fixtures are readily available. Field and factory calibrations are performed by authorized Starrett service technicians to accepted industry standards and methodology. All calibrations are NIST-traceable. 526 M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement