130 Bench Level 3-3/8"/85MM This is a very handy, compact bench level with a sensitive and accurate single vial.The body is made of seasoned cast iron with black wrinkle finish and an accurately machined base leveling surface. 135 Pocket Levels with Sa tin Nickel-Pla ted Finish 2-1/2 AND 3-1/2"/63 AND 88MM Another extremely useful Starrett level that fits handily in the pocket with no sharp edges. Made from hexagonal stock with convex ends and satin nickel-plated finish. Machinists' Levels 130 Bench Level Cat. No. EDP Size Description in mm 130 50560 3-3/8 85 With main vial 135 Pocket Levels with Satin Nickel-Plated Finish Cat. No. EDP Size Description in mm 135A 50570 2-1/2 63 With main vial 135B 50571 3-1/2 88 130 135B 374 M achinists ' L evels