High Precision Cylinder Measurement We offer a full range of snap gages that utilize highly polished carbide contacts to measure cylindrical parts to as close as ±.0001". The gage has an insulated handle with a thumb activated contact lift and a bump stop. Each gage with optional master can measure a 1" range with exceptional accuracy. They are available as bench or handheld gages. Measuring a turbine component. Adjust able Range Snap Gages These snap gages have a lightweight aluminum frame and low-friction ball bushing motion transfer. The indicator can be rotated and locked for easy viewing in any position. Ball contacts or contacts for grooves are also available. They are also available with electronic indicators. They have simple and rugged construction including sturdy dovetail slides for range adjustment. This is a proven low maintenance gage with a long trouble-free life. Three standard size ranges are available: 6-10", 10-14", and 14-18". Special Gaging 257 starrett.com S pecial G aging