Bead-to-Bead Profile Measurement System Tire and mold designers are tasked with creating new tire designs that meet strict dimensional requirements when the tire is inflated. The inflated growth is predicted using powerful CAD modeling software. The inflated tire is traditionally measured with hand tools to check compliance to the design target. Checking with hand tools is time consuming, imprecise, and operator dependent. The Starrett-Bytewise Bead-to-Bead Measurement System (B2B) is a non- contact scanning system that provides instantaneous acquisition for tire profiles from one bead to the other, across both sidewalls and the tread. Data is rendered in a visual display. Drag and drop caliper tools enable easy measurement. The CAD model can be imported into the Bead-to-Bead software so that the actual profile can be overlaid to the design. Data can be exported back to the CAD system for further analysis. Bead-to-Bead can scan tires rotating at high speed to measure centrifugal growth and deformation. Fea tures • Acquires 4,000 or more data points per profile • Acquires complete profiles in less than one second • Profiles are rendered in a visual display and matched to a CAD template • Profiles are analyzed with easy-to-use tools for section width, crown radius, and other parameters • Data points are output in .dxf and .txt formats Specifications Tire Size Capability Various configurations to accommodate tire sizes ranging from passenger to truck and bus Sensor Accuracy 0.15mm (based on standard sensors) Measurement Accuracy* 0.15mm or 0.3mm Triggering Keyboard Point Data Output Formats DXF, TXT Communication Interface Digital and Analog I/O, Ethernet (Modbus TCP) Laser Classification Illa * Measurement accuracy will depend on whether the data required to complete the desired measurement comes from one or two sensors. Bead-to-Bead Profile Measurement System 548 L aser M easurement