Accessories Test Fixtures, Extensometers, Shields Test Fixtures We offer a full range of test fixtures, grips and accessories. Test fixtures are compatible with all Starrett systems and test frames. We can also engineer and supply custom test fixtures to your exact requirements. Types • Button Head • Compression Cages • Flexural • Hydraulic • Peel • Platens • Pneumatic • Ribbon • Roller • Scissor • Shear • Vice-action • Wedge-action Specimen Dies Dies are available for testing a variety of materials including rubber, plastic, elastomer, fabric, paper, films and more. Dies are engineered to comply with common testing standards including: • ASTM D-412 (A,B,C,D,F) • ASTM D-638 (I, II, III, IV, V) • ISO 34 (A,B) • BS 6746 • IEC 540 Starrett specimen dies help ensure accurate dimensions for your sample preparations. Starrett can supply a wide assortment of testing fixtures that comply with international testing standards from ASTM, ISO, DIN, TAPPI and more. We can also supply custom test fixtures for difficult sample shapes. 514 M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement