Horizont al Digit al Video Compara tors HDV HDV500 CNC The HDV500 CNC Digital Video Comparator offers the best features of a large, floor standing, horizontial optical comparator and a vision metrology system. The HDV500 has a long 20 x 8" X-Y stage and heavy-duty steel construction. The workstage is the same as the popular HF600 and HF750. The heart of the HDV system centers on a uniquely designed interchangeable lens mounting system (patent pending) to a hi-resolution 5 mega-pixel digital video camera. The HDV500 is available with zoom optics or a choice of three telecentric lens options for micron-level resolution and for accurate Field-of-View (FOV) mesaurements. WIth MetLogix™ M3 Metrology software, DXF CAD files can be imported and 2D Go-No-Go digital overlays can be developed directly from the CAD files. Video edge detection (VED) allows real-time interaction of the imported file with the video image of the part being inspected. Productivity speed and accuracy are all enhanced. HDV500 OPTICS System Parameter Telecentric Lenses 6.5:1 Zoom Lens Optical magnification 0.11x 0.16x 0.24x 0.7x 4.5x Magnification on 42" monitor** 6.5x 9.3x 14.7x 41x* 262x* Field of view width 3.0" (76mm) 2.1" (54mm) 1.4" (35mm) 47" (12mm) .40" (10mm) Field of view height 2.5" (64mm) 1.8" (45mm) 1.1 (29mm) .46" (11.7mm) .072" (1.8mm) Working distance 9.0" (228mm) 6.25"(159mm) 6.0" (150mm) 140mm 140mm Optical Distortion, % 0.02% 0.03% 0.04% ­­− ­­− *Best fit software setting **Note that screen magnification is variable based on setting in M3 software OPERATOR INTERFACE Feature MetLogix™ M3 PC installed in main housing x 42" (1070cm) color monitor x Windows® -based operating system (1080 pixels) x X-Y-Q (angle) measurements x 2D geometry software with skew x Video edge detection x CAD file import and export x FOV measurements x Elimination of overlays x 64-bit Intel® processor x Software developer MetLogix™ HDV500 440 V ision S ystems New!